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Von Coin - reclaim your achievements and get real rewards.
Von Coin - reclaim your achievements and get real rewards.
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‘The Big Bang’ by Oscar Llorens

‘The Big Bang’ by Oscar Llorens

The Big Bang – is an original print by Madrid based artist Oscar Llorens.

To celebrate the launch of the Von Coin app on Xbox One we wanted our first commission to celebrate the creativity and characters that have gone into making our favourite console. Have we got your favourite character in there?

For more on Oscar Llorens see our interview with him here.




The print is approx. 11*14 inch with 2 inch white border. Made using a matte canvas that is both scratch and smudge proof. The superior poly/cotton blend, 2-over-1 canvas is specially engineered to create beautiful prints providing a wide color gamut, exceptional contrast with a consistent canvas texture.

We’re running 2 auctions per day starting at 18:00 PST and 20:30 PST. Each auction lasts 20 minutes. It’s a limited run of 50 and there’ll be just 10 of them auctioned off this week.

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