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Von Coin Sponsors
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Do you want to connect with a community of hardcore gamers to:


  • Test your beta?
  • Launch your new title?
  • Increase engagement with your existing title?


At Von Coin we’ve set up a simple economy – one where our Raiders get rewarded by publishers to engage with their title.


You can reward our Raiders with double Von Coin promotions for playing your game or with limited edition sponsored auctions, that expose them to the most awe inspiring elements of your title – such as concept art from your game being released as a limited edition print for auction.

40 Million Xbox One users now spend 5 hours a day on their Xbox One playing games and watching movies.


Yet despite being intensely passionate, your average gamer is difficult to reach.


That’s been a huge problem for publishers – until now. Contact us today to connect with a passionate group of hardcore gamers.

Sponsors Spotlight

Our Raiders

25% of Clicks to Buy end in a game purchase

5 Minutes 18 Seconds = average time each Raider will spend on your promotion

4 Hours 30 = How long a Raider will spend in your game hunting for Von Coins if they buy it

76% of our Raiders have over 100,000 GamerScore