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Von Coin Sponsors
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Do you want to connect with a community of hardcore gamers to:


  • Test your beta?
  • Launch your new title?
  • Increase engagement with your existing title?


Here at the Von Republic our Citizens are the ones who benefit from your sponsorship. Our platform enables you, the publisher, to reach and reward gamers for interacting with your game.


The Von Republic has 4 main ways to engage with its citizens – Von Hunting, The Von Exchange, Von Sports and Von TV.


Von Hunting is how our Von Citizens earn their Von Coins (that’s a lot of Von!).


By knocking up gamerscore and achievements in Xbox One games the earn Von Coins – at a ratio of roughly 10 Gamerscore to 1 Von Coin.


We limit this to 250 Von Coins a month. However for sponsored titles we enable double Von Coin earning in your title – with no monthly limit. Making it extremely attractive for our Citizens to play your title.


The Von Exchange is where Von Coins have their value set. We put up auctions every day on our app. With everything from limited edition signed concept art prints, Xbox controllers and accessories to figurines and digital game codes.


By sponsoring a set of auctions you can introduce and reward Von Citizens for interacting with your message for minutes and hours over a campaign. The better the prizes for auction the more time our Citizens will spend falling in love with your title.


Von Sports brings competitive e-sports to grassroots levels. Where our Von Citizens can compete against each other in pay to play knockout tournaments. Every round they advance they win more Von Coin.


By sponsoring a tournament with your title you not only promote your title at tournament time but it means every ticket holder has to practice and refine their skills in the lead up to the tournament.


Our tournaments are hosted by our Vonbasssadors and streamed across all our Von TV and partner touchpoints.


Von TV is where we broadcast the value of Von Coin to tens of thousands of eyeballs.


We stream live auctions, Von Sports and our Vonbassadors push game walkthroughs of promoted games.

Sponsors Spotlight

Our Von Citizens

12 = The average amount of achievements our Von Citizens will get in your promoted title.

10% = average amount of Citizens that will play your promoted title.

417 = How long a Von Citizens will spend in your promoted game hunting for Von Coins.

76% of our Von Citizens have over 100,000 GamerScore.