Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - VonCoin
Von Coin - reclaim your achievements and get real rewards.
Von Coin - reclaim your achievements and get real rewards.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Von Coin Support

Our support hours are : 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday EST

And you can find support here :


If you have any issues please reach out to us on any of the above channels and we will try to get back to you as quickly as we can.

Where do I download the app? And how do I sign-up?

Download the app on the microsoft store US here. To sign-up you will have to download the app on your Xbox one and sign-up there, so we can verify your gamertag. Join our discord channel for help and discussions. Once you’ve signed up on Xbox, you can access the app from any device here.

What are the restrictions on signing up?

Only Xbox gamers with a Gamerscore of 8,000 and over can sign-up to the Von Coin platform. There are no other restrictions to sign-up, except that it must be done on your Xbox.

I keep getting 'TA API error: Gamers settings are set to private' when I try to sign-up?

This means that your settings are set to private, which means we can’t access your Gamerscore, latest achievements and Gamertag. To change your privacy settings you must go to your microsoft account online here , scroll down and click on Xbox Privacy and online safety. From here you need to make this setting available to everyone ‘See your game and app history (Xbox 360: Game History) Decide who can see your game and app history.’

Once you’ve done that, you shouldn’t come across this error again.

Can I sign-in from anywhere?

Yes. Once you’ve signed up using your Xbox, you can sign-in and use the app from anywhere with

What is a Von Coin?

Von Coin is a unit of value that we attach to Xbox One achievements. You ‘earn’ Von Coins by getting achievements that we verify with TrueAchievements. 

You can then spend these Von Coins on auctions on our app ( once you sign up on Xbox One.

What is the partnership with TrueAchievements?

We have teamed with True Achievements as they are the leading and most trusted company in ranking and rating achievements in the world. We needed to ensure that the achievement score earned by gamers that we were converting into Von Coins was a true and fair reflection of the time, effort and rarity of these achievements. TA allow us to offer a balanced and fair system.

What is the conversion ratio of Gamerscore and TrueAchievement Score to coins?

The first time you download the app, there is an instant conversion of 1000-1 Gamerscore to Von Coins to a maximum of 250 coins. This is the only time we convert Gamerscore to Von Coins. 

After this you earn Von Coins at a rate of 10-1 TrueAchievement Score to Von Coin. This is capped at a maximum 250 coins per month. There is also a 14 day delay on your TA score to Von Coin conversion.

All points earned above your 250 coins monthly cap are converted to premium points. 

Do I lose my Gamerscore when we convert it to Von Coins?

No. We only use your Gamerscore and afterwards your True Achievement Score to assign you coins. The actual scores themselves will always stay unchanged.

Why is there a 14 day delay to my TrueAchievement Score converting to Von Coins?

There is a fourteen day delay between when you earn an achievement, and when the achievement is converted into your TA score in the app. You will notice that in your Vault there is an unlock date set in the future beside your latest achievements. This is not an error. This is the date that your achievement is converted into Von Coin on the app. Your latest achievements should show up in your Vault the day after they’ve been achieved.

We employ a 14 day delay as there can be a disparity in the TA Score of achievements earned in the first two weeks of a new game’s release. The two week delay ensures that the converting TA score is more indicative of the true worth of said achievement. 

What are premium points?

Premium points are earned at a rate of 1-1 TA score to Premium point after you have exceeded your 2500-250 TA Score to Von Coin monthly cap. 

If you reach 18,000 premium points within the previous six month period, from the 1st of the following month you will reach Von Magnate status.

Von Magnates can bid in exclusive auctions hosted only for them, as well as enjoy a number of other perks.

When will the first Von Magnate auctions be held?

We hosted our first Von Magnate day with exclusive auctions on Sat 27th of July and will be hosting one each month from then. 

What are my coins worth?

There is no monetary value to the coins. Your coins are worth only what you can buy with them on the Von Coin app.

How does the auction system work?

Any user can bid in a regular auction. The minimum bid is 1 coin. There are two stages to an auction.

Normal Bid Stage: This is the first phase of an auction where anyone can bid to a maximum of 20 coins above the last bid. Typically, in an hour long auction, this period lasts for 50 minutes.

One Coin Bid Stage: Only users that have bid in the Normal Bid Stage can bid in the One Coin Biding Stage. Users can no longer choose the bid here. Each bid is accepted and registers a bid one coin higher than the current leader. Usually this is the last 10 minutes of an hour long auction. There is a 30 second shot clock that operates here.

The 30 Second Shot Clock: Immediately commencing from when the One Coin Bid Stage starts, there is 30 seconds to make a bid above the current leader. If there is no bid made within that 30 seconds, the current leader wins the auction. Each time there is a bid within those 30 seconds from any user, the clock gets reset to 30 seconds. This will continue until the clock runs down to 0, or until the auction ends at the chosen time. Once the auction ends, the last highest bidder wins the auction.

Do you lose your coins when you bid in an auction?

No. Only the winner gets deducted coins at the end of an auction. All other bidders/participants have their coins returned once the auction is over. However once you bid in an auction, the latest bid you’ve made will be held in reserve until the auction is closed.

Will the auctions be competitive for the average gamer?

We want all of our users/raiders to have a fair chance of winning! -Not just the elite of the elite. 

  1. The number of coins any one user can earn per month is capped. We estimate that about 40-50% of our active users will reach the capped limit every month. That is not to say, however, that it will be the same 40 or 50% of people that hit the limit every month. This means that close to 50% of our users, on any given month, will earn a similar amount of Von Coins to bid with during the auction.
  2. We will vary the value of the products for auction.
  3. We’ll have mystery auctions. As is in the name, mystery auctions have a secret product that no one knows until someone wins!
  4. Limit on highest bid: There is a 20 coin cap on the highest bid in the bidding phase.
  5. One Coin Bid and 30 Second Shot Clock: Rewards those that spend time engaging with the auction over those that can snipe at the end, or simply blow everyone out of the water with their coin horde!
  6. User Auctions: You can earn coin by putting up gamer memorabilia that you have lying around the house for auction. You earn all the coins from the winning bid on the platform and can use this loot to bid in other auctions.
  7. Specialist game promotions: This allows anyone to earn double coins on achievements earned within our promotional period of a new game. This can be earned above the 250 limit.

What products are auctioned and how many?

Some of the products we’ve had auctioned already!

  • Xbox Accessories: Xbox Elite Controller, Xbox Controllers, Gaming Headsets, KontrolFreek, Charging Stations, Battery Packs.
  • Limited Edition Prints: Limited run, signed, exclusive prints from artists such as Oscor Llorens, Kim Hu, Glynnis Koike, Kloodwig and more.
  • Gaming Merch: T-Shirts, Board Games, Comics, Pins, Coasters, Cards, Figurines, Funko Pop, Posters.
  • Original Board Games and Comics: Crescent City Monsters, City of Mist and many more.
  • Games: Thronebreaker, Overcooked 2 and more.
  • DLCs. 
  • Xbox Live and Game Passes.

Currently we host at least one auction every day. However as our users grow, so do the number of auctions we host. It is our aim to continue to host over 5% of auctions to active users every month! That means that over the course of a year over 60% of our active users will have had the opportunity to be rewarded with a winning auction!

Will I have to pay for shipping?

No. Von Coin will cover all the costs of shipping the auction item to the winning bidder. 

What countries is Von Coin available in?

We are now live and out of Beta in the US, Canada, UK and Ireland. A broader expansion beyond these regions will be examined at the end of 2019. Our primary reasons for limited access are shipping, customs and language. 

Where do you ship to?

We can only ship domestically to the countries that Von Coin is available in – which are the US, Canada, UK and Ireland. 

Is everything free?

Yes. Everything you do and win through the app is 100% free. Sponsors are paying for your attention and your time. They are coming to the Von Coin app for a chance to get in front of a targeted group of gamers, that have been validated by the fact they’ve been earning achievement points. And instead of rewarding others, they are rewarding you for your attention.

Are you sharing our private data with other companies?

The only personal data we collect is for shipping and promotional purposes only. We’ve created a system that values your privacy. This is one of our USPs. The data we track is app usage, engagement with promotions, click throughs etc.  

Our goal is to create a new advertising modal based around transparency, where you the user get the rewards for being advertised to. What are the adds? The free merchandise that’s provided by our sponsors – they get the opportunity to promote their game or product through our platform.

Are you guys GDPR compliant?

Yes we are. We are based in the EU.

How will you stop the cheaters?

To start, only gamers with a 8000+ Gamerscore can create an account with us. We’re also looking for everyone’s help and are getting help from other friends for advice and best practices, such as Rich and the TA team.

How can I help?

Let us know more about you, what games you like, what products you are interested in seeing. Go to the polls on our website and make your votes or fill out the brief questionnaire.  This will help us tailor the app more specifically towards you and is for our own information only.

Inform us about any bugs in the system. Join our discord channel and leave your thoughts. Email and explain the bug you have come across. Your help here will be greatly appreciated.