Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - VonCoin
Von Coin - reclaim your achievements and get real rewards.
Von Coin - reclaim your achievements and get real rewards.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Von Coin Support

Our support hours are : 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday EST

And you can find support here :


If you have any issues please reach out to us on any of the above channels and we will try to get back to you as quickly as we can.

What is a Von Coin?

Von Coin is a unit of value that we attach to Xbox One achievements. You ‘earn’ Von Coins by getting achievements that we verify with TrueAchievements. 

You can then spend these Von Coins on auctions on our app ( once you sign up on Xbox One.

What is the partnership with TrueAchievements

We have teamed with True Achievements as they are the leading and most trusted company in ranking and rating achievements in the world. We needed to ensure that the achievement score earned by gamers that we were converting into Von Coins was a true and fair reflection of the time, effort and rarity of these achievements. TA allow us to offer a balanced and fair system.

When is my TA score converted to coins?

There is a fourteen day delay between when you earn an achievement, and when the achievement is converted into your TA score in the app. This is to prevent anyone getting crazy scores on a newly released game, before the TA ratio has balanced out. Once your TA score has been earned, the issuance of coins will be immediate.

Are you sharing our private data with other companies?

The only personal data we collect is for shipping and promotional purposes. And we’ll always ask your express permission if we are sharing any of your data with third parties. As we can already verify that our users are legitimate, regular and active gamers – as coins are only issued for true achievement scores – there is no need or benefit in us tracking your personal data, your search history or anything of the sort – like other large companies such as facebook, google and instagram do. We’ve created a system that values your privacy. This is one of our USPs.

How will you stop the cheaters?

We have a number of things in place to try and prevent cheating, but we’re also looking for everyone’s help. First off we are limited Von Coin accounts to one p.Xbox. So each account must be tied to an Xbox and there cannot be more than one account tied to any one Xbox. We’ve also employed the help of some friends that we’ve met along the way that are advising us on the best ways, and best practices to limit the success and effect of those that wish to rig the system, not to mention Rich and the TA team.

What does a promotion consist of?

Each promotion will consist of one product type, but with a number of units to be auctioned. The auctions will typically be spaced out between one and three weeks, depending on their size.

How does the auction system work?

All users can bid in a regular auction and the highest bidder wins. However we do employ a couple mechanics along the way. For the first part of an auction you can simply bid whatever you wish for the product. However then the second part of the auction kicks in, the One Coin Bid period. During this period, only bidders who have bid previously in the auction can bid further, and a bid represents one coin above the last bid. Whoever the last highest bidder is will win.

How will you make the auctions competitive?

There has been much concern over this, and rightfully so. There are a number of initiatives that we are undertaking to ensure this is the case. Be sure to engage with them all to ensure you’ve a great chance of winning!

  1. The number of coins any one user can earn per month is capped. We estimate that about 30-40% of our active users will reach the capped limit every month. That is not to say, however, that it will be the same 30 or 40% of people that hit the limit every month. This means that close to 50% of our users, on any given month, will earn a similar amount of Von Coins to bid with during the auction.
  2. Each raider is only allowed to win one product per promotion. Our promotions will typically have between thirty and one hundred products within them. So while a raider is of course allowed to win multiple products, they can only take home one of any particular product.
  3. We will vary the value of the product. Some products will be of a lower worth, and others of a much higher worth. This means that the winning bid per auction will vary greatly, and give more users the opportunity to win
  4. We’re hosting flash auctions. We will be rewarding those users who return to our app frequently to check if there are auctions live. There will be fast flowing flash auctions that will appear with little prior warning. Keep alive to it and you could get in for a great product on the cheap!
  5. We’ll have mystery auctions. Our mystery auctions are auctions that you don’t know what the product is going to be until the auction starts. This will again reward those that are consistently checking in to see what to bid their coins on.
  6. Study the auction history. Through this tool you will be able to see the price fluctuations of winning bids in a promotion. This will give you the data you need to know when is your best chance of winning an auction.
  7. One Coin Bid: The second period of an auction will only be for those that have already bid in the auction, and will cap all future bids to one coin above the last bid. This stops users from arriving late to an auction with a big bid that blows everyone out of the water. The second period of an auction will only be for those that have already bid in the auction, and will cap all future bids to one coin above the last bid.

So you're saying the average gamer will have a great chance to win?

Yes, for all the reasons outlined above. 🙂

So elite gamers get private auctions with high end goods to bid on? And have a higher chance to win?

Yes. As we’ve expressed the need to limit the number of coins that can be issued p. gamer, we also want to reward those that are at the top of the pile. That’s why for the true achievement score you earn over the monthly cap you will be issued with premium points. Collect enough premium points and you become a super raider. Super raiders have sole access to elite auctions that only they can bid in.

What is the ratio of coins to achievement points?

The first time you download the app, we will make a transfer at the rate of 1000-1 for all of your gamerscore to date. However the number of coins you can earn from this will be capped at 250. We’ve done this so that gamers don’t have to wait for two weeks to start collecting coins, or over a month before they have enough coins to bid with.

Once you have downloaded the app, we will transfer the true achievement score you earn for coins at a rate of 10 to 1.

What are my coins worth?

There is no monetary value to the coins. Your coins are worth only what you can buy with them on the Von Coin app.

What products will be on auction?

We will be supplying limited edition products that can’t be bought elsewhere. For the private Beta we are supplying these goods ourselves, until our sponsors kick into action in the new year. We’ve already commissioned some great artists to create limited edition prints, designer skateboard decals, concept art books, figurines and more. We’re running polls to see what product types you would like to see. Be sure and submit your answers!

What countries is the private Beta going live to?

Our private Beta is only live to the US. This is primarily due to product sourcing and shipping reasons. We want to keep things simple to start with. However we will be going live to the UK and Ireland, and other regions in the months to come.

When is the public Beta?

We are aiming to expand to a public Beta in March of 2019.

When are you expanding beyond North America?

We are looking at opening in other markets at the end of 2019 or early 2020.

Where do you ship to?

We will only be shipping to the US or Canada in the private beta.

Will I have to pay for shipping?

The Von Coin team will do all it can to make sure shipping costs are covered. So in the vast majority of cases shipping will be free. However in very rare occasions, such as products passing through border controls, it may be the case that some small costs are passed on. 

Is everything free?

Yes. Everything you do and win through the app is 100% free. Sponsors are paying for your attention and your time. They are coming to the Von Coin app for a chance to get in front of a targeted group of gamers, that have been validated by the fact they’ve been earning achievement points. And instead of rewarding others, they are rewarding you for your attention.

Where can I get support?

You can email for support.

Are you guys GDPR compliant?

Yes we are. We are actually based in the EU.

How can I help?

Let us know more about you, what games you like, what products you are interested in seeing. Go to the polls on our website and make your votes or fill out the brief questionnaire. This will help us tailor the app more specifically towards you and is for our own information only.

Inform us about any bugs in the system. This is a private Beta so with our best efforts there will be some bugs in the app. Please do tell us about them, email info or and explain the bug you have come across. Your help here will be greatly appreciated.

Inform us of known cheats. No one likes them, they only damage the system for everyone.